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The ideal starting point for sonic creativity is pure, natural reproduction. That concept is so ingrained in the Yamaha approach to mixer design that it has become an overarching philosophy. The sound being produced on stage must be accurately captured. Only then can it be effectively colored for the desired creative impact. Of course that same philosophy is uncompromisingly expressed in the RIVAGE PM10.

The foundation is a newly developed Hybrid Microphone Preamplifier design with an analog section that represents the Yamaha Natural Sound concept in its most advanced form. In the digital stage, evolved Yamaha VCM digital modeling technology recreates the characteristics of Rupert Neve Designs transformer circuitry and acclaimed SILK processing to achieve an extraordinarily musical, spacious sound. The channel EQ and dynamics have been significantly upgraded as well, offering expanded capability for expressive sonic control.

Internal plug-ins that support imaginative sound engineering have also taken a large evolutionary leap forward. Particular effort has been focused on collaborations with other manufacturers that are already receiving accolades. In addition to new VCM models of acclaimed EQ and compressor units from the 70’s and 80’s that have been jointly developed with Rupert Neve Designs, our first collaboration with TC Electronic has resulted in the inclusion of two exceptional reverb processors, and an Eventide Harmonizer is currently under development. An extensive selection of plug-ins, including popular types from previous Yamaha digital consoles, gives engineers the tools they need to create the perfect sound for every situation.

Everything is aimed at reproducing and creating the most musical sound possible. The RIVAGE PM10 sound results from exhaustive research and design with one resolute purpose: to achieve the highest possible sonic quality.


Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers:
A Solid Foundation for Superior Sound

The Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers at the input stage of the RIVAGE PM10 system provide the fundamental character for the system’s overall sound. One of the most important aspects of that character is the natural sound of the analog stage, consistent with the "Natural Sound" philosophy that Yamaha has championed all along. Parts selection, mechanical construction, circuit layout, power supply, and grounding can all affect the quality of analog circuitry, and have been painstakingly reviewed and refined in the RIVAGE PM10.
Even the slightest changes due to variations in individual parts have been rigorously evaluated and redressed. Final adjustments were made on the basis of aural evaluation by Yamaha experts as well as eminent outside engineers, resulting in a totally new design that is genuinely worthy of "flagship" status. The system's ability to accurately capture the sound being produced on stage provides the best possible foundation for creative processing.


VCM Technology Models SILK Processing
by Rupert Neve Designs


Another vital factor contributing to the superb sound of the Hybrid Microphone Preamplifier is its digital stage. The transformer circuitry and SILK processing incorporated in high-end analog devices from Rupert Neve Designs, designed by the legendary Rupert Neve himself, have been precisely modeled using original Yamaha VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology. These extraordinary preamplifiers are available for use on all RIVAGE PM10 input channels.

VCM technology, which has already produced many highly regarded effects and plug-ins, was originally developed by Toshifumi Kunimoto (affectionately known as "Dr.K") of K's Lab at Yamaha. VCM precisely models every aspect of analog circuitry, right down to the characteristics of individual components such as resistors and capacitors as well as the circuit itself, fully recreating saturation and nonlinearities that are overlooked by conventional digital simulations. Aural evaluation and refinement by world-class engineers results in an exceptionally musical sound.

Rupert Neve himself is impressed with the capabilities of VCM technology, saying "at last a digital technology is able to create the superb sound that has previously only been available with analog circuitry." Previously released in the form of plug-in versions of the Rupert Neve Designs Portico series processors, that same technology is now part of the RIVAGE PM10 Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers.


The Rupert Neve Sound for All Engineers

The fact that recording engineers frequently use microphone preamps designed by Rupert Neve to give their sound a very appealing touch of natural compression and saturation is well known. SILK processing can take that seductive sonic beauty to new levels with added power and flair. Sounds that tend to get lost in the mix are given new life and luster with a lush analog-like core.

The SILK processing function provided in the RIVAGE PM10 Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers offers two variations: "RED" for sparkling energy, and "BLUE" for solidity and power. There's also a continuously variable "TEXTURE" knob that musically shapes the harmonic components to best suit the source. The benefits of SILK processing are also evident in the way channel EQ and reverb plug-ins affect the sound.

The fact that SILK can be used on all channels is a huge advantage. It can be applied only to specific channels to bring the corresponding parts to life within the mix, or to all channels to add depth and perspective to the mix overall.

The RIVAGE PM10 system makes the coveted Rupert Neve preamplifier sound available to a wider range of engineers who can put it to good creative use.


Dan Dugan Automatic Mixer Built In



Through in-depth collaboration with Dan Dugan Sound Design, renowned Dan Dugan automatic microphone mixing with its advanced algorithm is built into the RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system (V1.5 or later). Setup is easy: just insert the processor into up to 64 channels for automatically optimized microphone gain distribution. Gain control is smooth and natural, as though experienced human operators were doing the mix. The system also effectively reduces feedback and comb filter issues. For speech applications, especially non-scripted situations, this allows the operator to concentrate on details other than fader operation for consistently high-quality mixes.



Polished Operation Offers
Confidence and Comfort


It is the sound engineer's job to deliver the performance from stage to audience in the best possible way. Since the mixing console is the engineer's primary tool, its operability is crucial, particularly in today’s rapidly evolving live sound environment. The RIVAGE PM10 system features a Hybrid Operation Style that takes the most highly valued aspects of Yamaha digital mixing consoles to a new, refined level that gives engineers unprecedented expressive control.

Underpinning the system’s extraordinary operability is a full implementation of Yamaha's acclaimed Selected Channel interface on the right side of the prominently raised control surface top panel, allowing all parameters of the channel selected to be directly and intuitively controlled. The left side of the panel features two large LCD touch screens that provide logical continuity with the faders below, offering Centralogic style control of a large number of simultaneous channels. In addition to these two interface features, encoder position visibility has been enhanced, as have a number of other details that contribute to significantly improved operability overall.

Notable new features include Overlay and Isolate filters for enhanced scene memory operation, a Follow option for the send masters and direct outs, and more. There are also upgraded features for flexible live recording, dual monitor outputs, and a wealth of other details that add up to smooth operation and integration in a wider variety of working environments.

With operation and features designed to comprehensively support today's live sound scene, RIVAGE PM10 allows engineers to focus on the sound and enjoy the creative process.

The RIVAGE PM10 system consists of a control surface, one or two DSP engines, up to eight I/O racks, and RY/HY cards. The system can be flexibly configured to suit applications of any scale or complexity.

The Complete Yamaha Selected Channel Interface